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Get the audio version of my short story "Far From Home," narrated by Nobilis Reed of the Nobilis Erotica Podcast. This tale of long-distance love will resonate with fans of contemporary romance, gay fiction, and science fiction.

"A sweet romance of parted lovers."

Asta Idonea, author of Fire Up My Heart

Hot, sexy read.

I am not a typical reader of paranormal shifter books but these guys made you like them. … I really did enjoy this sweet, short story.

Is it okay to call a story adorable and fun? Because that’s exactly what I have to say about this story. It’s a unique shifter story–how often does one see a raccoon shifter?–and the characters are great. … I definitely suggest giving it a read.

reader review

Just stinking adorable! Love the nontraditional shifters. Definitely will be looking up other stories by Dale.

Reader Review

This was a charming, enchanting little tale that was the perfect escapist, ‘aww’ story for me at the end of a craptastic, painful day.

Intellectual and erotic … Well done!
Liane Bennett
Amazon Review

Dale Cameron Lowry’s ‘Sucker for Love’ … is tender and romantic, satisfying and whimsical.

Emmanuelle de Maupassant

‘Home’ by Dale Cameron Lowry … was a sweet read, with likeable characters that you can root for.

Mari Cardenas
Bayou Book Junkie

‘All Is Well’ by Dale Cameron Lowry … was well written, insightful and … very brave!

Kat's review of Lowry's 'All Is Well' in the anthology Simmer

It’s solid gold, adorable and hilarious and expertly written.

Reader review of Lowry's 'All Is Well' in the anthology Simmer

Absolutely adorable! Loved everything about this and was left with a big smile and my heart warmed. … Highly recommended for shifter fans who like a fresh-yet-comfortable take on shifters, and anyone who needs a sweet and sexy read.

Elliot Cooper

‘All Is Well’ by Dale Cameron Lowry … is about a young Mormon missionary man who gets paired with another Mormon missionary man during their service … What’s lovely is that the story sticks to its guns about the relevance of the attraction between the two men without ever devolving into an ‘Eff you, Mormons!’ sensibility. These men find a way to make their faith work with their love, in a manner that’s slow, respectful, and real.

Alysia Constantine

I loved … ‘American Master Bakers.’ I liked the chemistry they had … and God I laughed.

Cute and sensual!

Chasia Lloyd

[Lowry’s ‘American Master Bakers’] was funny, sexy, engaging, and just a delight all around. I couldn’t find any fault with it. It’s probably my favorite in the anthology.

Lyssa Dering
This was such a sweet, creatively written short story that totally touched my heart.
reader review

My favourite of the collection was ‘What You’re Called to Do’ by Dale Cameron Lowry, which features an app with a mind of its own and a gender-twist on the “crazy cat lady” theme.

Bruce Gargoyle
Goodreads reader

If you’re looking for a fun and scorching ménage that starts as a threesome but soon grows into more, then give this short story a try.

Serena Yates
Author of To Find and to Keep

I just adored how the sexual tension grew [in ‘American Master Bakers’].

Mari Cardenas
Bayou Book Junkie

It’s delightful and sweet and the ending had me swooning.

Reader review of Lowry's 'All Is Well' in the anthology Simmer

What a fun romantic comedy!

Katy Beth
reader review

Truly another delightful tale.

The tension [in Lowry’s ‘American Master Bakers’] is well written and the climax (pun intended😉) is spectacular.

Carol Pedroso
Far From Home is a steamy, sensual read … The science is plausible and interesting and something I wouldn’t mind giving a try. A thoroughly enjoyable story. My only complaint is that it is too short.
Dianne Hartsock

This was the cutest story EVAH!!! Fans of unusual shifters will love this.

Fantasy Living

Pacific Rimming is a fun and engaging tale about an unexpected holiday romance. I loved the characters and their interactions, and the story’s satisfying ending.


Asta Idonea
Author of Fire Up My Heart

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