Rainbow Snippet from “Far From Home,” an erotic sci-fi story

My contribution this week to the is from Far From Home, my erotic science-fiction short about husbands on different planets. Rajiv and Mateo met while working as part of a scientific team adapting Mars for human habitation. But now work has brought Rajiv back to Earth, where he’s restoring the wastelands of the formerly fertile U.S. Midwest. and they rely on technology and the help of their imaginations to stay emotionally and sexually close during the separation. I hope you enjoy this snippet!

About the evacuation of gay men from Chechnya — Meduza

If you only read one article about the Russian LGBT Network’s work for LGBT Chechens, read this one from Meduza. Four to five people apply to leave Chechnya every day on a twenty-four-hour hotline. The LGBT Network hopes to send refugees to other countries where they will be granted asylum; network employees are involved in negotiations with the embassies of Western countries. Journalist Elena Kostyuchenko learned the details of the evacuation from the organization’s employees. She also spoke with those who have already managed to leave.

As Gay Men are Detained and Killed in Chechnya, the Kremlin is Slow to Respond | Human Rights Watch

“Chechnya dominated international headlines more than 15 years ago when Russian forces were bombing the capital, Grozny, to stop the republic’s bid for independence,” writes the
Deputy Director of HRW’s Europe and Central Asia Division. “Now Chechnya is in headlines again because of a brutal campaign of police violence and abuse against men believed to be gay. The violence is brutal, the cruelty extreme and the anti-gay hostility extremely virulent. Yet the Kremlin has been slow to respond.”

Call for Submissions: Body- and Sex-Positive Erotica 🗓

Cover of Owning It

It’s impossible for me not to love a publishing house whose motto is “Shifting rape culture one sexy story at a time.” If you’d like your sexy stories to be part of that movement, SinCyr Publishing has an open call for its upcoming anthology Owning It – Embracing Our Bodies, Sexuality, and Power, edited by S.B. Roark and Sienna Saint-Cyr. Deadline June 30, 2017.

Book Review: Serpent’s Kiss by Layla Dorine

serpents kiss book cover

Serpent’s Kiss by Layla Dorine is a wild ride full of mystery, intrigue, and suspense in a society that’s been driven underground. Readers who enjoy fantasy filled with political machinations, assassination plots, and outsider heroes will be drawn in by this novel. Of course, there’s romance too and a bit of steam — though the leads are surprisingly chaste for how much they want to tear each other’s clothes off.