Call for Submissions: Sherlock Holmes-themed gay fiction - (Expired)

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This submission call is now closed. You can find calls that are still accepting contributions at Calls for Submissions.

In 2011, Lethe Press queered the Sherlock Holmes canon with A Study in Lavender, and now we’re putting together a new collection on the theme, A Scandal In Gomorrah. The first volume explored the queer aspects of Doyle’s characters in Victorian society and introduced us to a realm of hidden gay characters and stories. In the sequel, we’re looking to expand the scope of stories into new realms.

Payment: 3c per word (Ideally seeking original fiction, but reprints considered at a rate of 1c per word)

Story length: 2k-6k approx. No iron-clad upper limit, but pay cap at 6k.

Submissions or queries to: (Please feel very free to query with questions, suggestions or concepts for a story prior to submission.)

Closing date: New Year’s Day, 2017

Additional comments: Editor Matthew Bright says he’s looking for unusual/unique perspectives on the Holmes canon, set in the Victorian era or transposed to other eras. “[S]tories whose only or primary content is just about getting Holmes and Watson together are a tough sell.”

Full details:

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