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Submission Call: Lesbian Fandom Stories, Due Oct. 15

Sapphire Books wants fictional stories on the theme of lesbians in fandom for an anthology to be released at the April 2018 ClexaCon, the fandom convention for LGBTQ women and allies. Here’s what they’re looking for:

Clexacon and Sapphire Books join forces to bring a thrilling anthology built around what we all like, the world of fandom. Or maybe you have a fantasy about your favorite cosplay character you met at a con? We are looking for fiction short stories that intertwine the love for fandom and/or cosplay. These stories should feature characters in a love story, crush, or just a “ship” central to the story. We are looking for Lesbian characters and themes at the nucleus, or as a key part of the story.

The story should include some sort of romance, crush, or “ship.” Please note that they cannot accept fanfiction or stories that reference characters from existing movies, shows, books, comics, etc. The editors will give preference to authors who are attending ClexaCon 2018, so you must indicate if you have registered in your cover letter.

  • Publisher: Sapphire Books
  • Publication type: Anthology
  • Word count: 1,500—5,000 words
  • Payment: $50, two copies of the print book, and one ebook file
  • Deadline: Oct. 15, 2017
  • Projected publication date: April 2018
  • Format: Microsoft Word, single spaced, Times New Roman 12 point, with a .41-inch paragraph indent (no tabs). Additional formatting requirements at Clexacon Call for Submissions.
  • Response time: You’ll get an email acknowledging your submission within 48 hours; acceptances and rejections will be sent by Nov. 15, 2017
  • Simultaneous and multiple submissions: One submission per author. Read more about multiple and simultaneous submissions.
  • Will they take reprints? No.

You can find the complete guidelines at Clexacon Call for Submissions on the Sapphire Books website.


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