Call For Submissions: Just Perfect ūüóď

I’d rather call these things “perceived flaws” than “flaws,” but otherwise this call sounds right up my alley. Is it up yours? ManLove¬†Romance Press hopes so.

What? Everyone’s perfect right? No? There are flaws in everyone whether it’s a physical disability (wheelchair bound, prosthetic, blind, deaf), scars, mental challenges (anxiety, depression, PTSD). BUT even with those characteristics, everyone is perfect for someone. …¬†Challenge is:
they need to find them.

Submissions should:

  • At least one MC needs to have a ‘challenge’ to overcome and believe that the other MC can accept
  • Be a minimum of 10k, maximum of 40k
  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE: July 30, 2017

Submissions should be sent to [email protected]

Complete submission details can be foun at ManLoveRomance Press – Gay, Erotic Fiction at its Best

And check my other listed calls for submissions.

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