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Update on Oct. 5: This deal expires at 11 PM Eastern (US)/8 PM Pacific tonight. You can grab it here. Deal has expired. If you sign up for the DepositPhotos email list, they occasionally send out deals of 100 photos for $100. You can sign up here.

I’ve mentioned AppSumo before on this blog. They’re a daily deal site for geeks and small business owners, and a lot of their deals are perfect for independent writers and small publishers. I first got wind of them earlier this year when they ran a package deal with DepositPhotos, one of the major go-to stock photo sites for when you need an image for your blog or book covers, and I’ve been subscribing to AppSumo—and buying their deals—ever since.

Well, their DepositPhotos deal is now back: $49 for 100 stock photos of your choice, downloadable at any time, so you can use them for making ebook covers for the next few decades. And you can buy as many packages as you want—the last time they ran this deal, I bought two to get credits for 200 photos, which I’ve since used to illustrate blog posts like this one and make book covers like this one for my short story Mi Alma:

Mi alma book cover

AppSumo has some other incredible deals too this week, like $49 for a lifetime of up to 500 GB of cloud storage from PCloud and $49 lifetime membership in social media manager PromoRepublic that expires tonight. I’ll touch on those at the end of the article, but for now let’s get back to DepositPhotos.

DepositPhotos has some nice photos of same-sex couples, including lots with faces (to check yourself, you can do a search like

The designer for Sexy to Go: Gay Romancea multi-author anthology I’m in, got the cover image from DepositPhotos:

Sexy to Go Gay Romance book cover

I’d like to see more interracial options in various age brackets—but to be honest that’s an issue with every stock photo site I run across. That’s why I ended up going with the leg shot for the book above—I just couldn’t find any good shots of a scrawny mid-twenties strawberry-blonde dude from Utah holding hands or kissing a late-twenties Afro-Dominican guy. But guess what? I couldn’t find that on any other stock photo sites, either.

DepositPhotos search function is sometimes great, and sometimes weird. For example, the “gay couple” search works exactly as expected, but the search “two men kissing” gets you a ton of heterosexual kisses. Change it to “two men gay kissing” and you fare much better. Since many stock photo sites carry the same images, some folks suggest using the more advanced image searches on Adobe Stock and Shutterstock to find what you want, then looking for that image on DepositPhotos using the artist’s name or the photo identification number.

Overall, I’ve been happy with DepositPhotos. Besides the plethora of gay images, I like that every photo comes with the guarantee of a model release (legal documents where the model gives permission for their image to be used). That means you can use the models’ faces without worrying you’ll get sued. Photos from free sites like Pixabay and Unsplash don’t come with that, so if you want to use those photos on a book cover you need to edit the faces out to be safe. (I did the covers for Pacific Rimming and Far from Home that way.)

DepositPhotos also has vector images in stock that you can use to design a logo for your website or book series. Here are a few writing-related images that can be used for logos. And check out these rainbow ones. Cool!

Like I said, you can buy as many of these packages as you want, so if you design ebook covers for a living and want 1,000 photos, go right ahead and buy 10 packages. They’re totally fine with that.

Get 100 DepositPhoto stock images for $49 here.

And now for a couple more awesome deals …

AppSumo deals are often geared toward e-commerce businesses, so I can go weeks without seeing a deal I want from them. But this week is like Christmas. In addition to the DepositPhotos deal, they’ve got:

  • $49 for a lifetime of 500GB cloud storage on PCloud, a Dropbox-like cloud storage service that is way cheaper than Dropbox for a limited time. It’s also cheaper than Google Drive, where I pay $24/year for 100 GB. And with all those book covers I’m designing now, I need more storage. Photo files aren’t small …
  • $49 lifetime membership PromoRepublic, a social media manager that’s like a cross between Hoosuite/Buffer and Canva. It’s geared toward making striking visual posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This will be useful to some authors and not to others—it really depends on how active you like to be on social media and how you like to interact with your readers. This deal expires today, so if you think you might be interested, check it out now These deals have both expired as of Sept. 30, 2017.

If you use the links in this article or the AppSumo widget in the sidebar to make a purchase, AppSumo/DepositPhotos will send me a credit that I can use on future purchases from them. If you’re not comfortable with that, just google “AppSumo” and “DepositPhotos” to get the deal before it runs out.

And I’d love to hear from you about your favorite stock photo sites and why. Do you like DepositPhotos? Is there another service you prefer? Who gives you the most bang for your buck? Better yet, where do you go to find the perfect image?

As always, the comments section is open.

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