Do you make book trailers? Get music licenses for only $5 a pop.

My morning emails included one from AppSumo with this bit of news:

We’ve teamed up with Jamendo.

Jamendo is a music library filled with music (all rights included) perfect for any project.

This library boasts 200,000+ royalty free tracks.

Once you have a license, you are free to use the song legally, thanks to a recognized certificate. (You can breathe easy now and stop looking over your shoulder everywhere you go. Remember LimeWire?)

Oh, and with all rights included, you do not have to pay any royalties.

Currently, the track pack price for 10 standard licenses is $389.

Each license includes:

  • Ability to use it for personal or commercial use
  • Broadcasting & synchronization rights
  • No fees to performance rights organizations
  • Unlimited duration
  • Worldwide coverage

However, Jamendo called us up the other day and told us they wanted to do something really nice for Sumolings.

Their idea of nice? …

Buy 10 standard licenses for only $49!

That might sound too good to be true. But it is true. I’ve bought similar deals from AppSumo in the past, including 100 royalty-free images from Depositphotos for $39 and 400,000 email credits from newsletter manager SendPulse, and they’ve all delivered exactly as promised.

That makes this deal a no-brainer if you make videos of any kind, from book review vlogging to trailers for your next best seller.

Here’s the link to buy 10 standard Jamendo music licenses for $49.

If you buy a license through my link, I get a coupon from AppSumo that I can apply on my future purchases from them. But honestly, I’d tell you about this deal even without the coupon because so many book people are getting into YouTube now, and anything that helps us save money so we’re not starving artists is something I want to share.

Happy saving!

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