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This is where I talk about gay Mormon stuff. If you can't stand gays, Mormons, or ex-Mormons, this is not the place for you. But if you're somewhere on the spectrum from mildly curious to obsessed about the intersection of those identities, welcome!

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Book Review: iPlates, Volume 1 by Stephen Carter & Jett Atwood

If you find yourself falling asleep every time you try reading the Book of Mormon but are still curious about its contents, you might want to try iPlates Volume 1: Zeniff, Abinadi, Alma, and Ammon: Book of Mormon Comics by Stephen Carter and Jett Atwood. Like its source material, iPlates tells incredible (and often gory) stories about Hebrew prophets, missionaries, kings and warriors living in the Americas before Christ's birth. But it's in pictures, so it's more entertaining.

It’s the One-Year Anniversary of the Policy Change

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Mormon church’s policy forbidding baptism for children of same-sex couples, I thought I would share this video, produced by the church, illustrating Luke 18:15-17. It tells what happened when Jesus’s disciples tried to keep children away from him because they (the kids) were seen as unworthy of Jesus’s attention. [Spoiler alert: Jesus gives those disciples a polite smackdown.] (Source:

Rainbow Snippets: Six Sentences from “Mi Alma”

My contribution this week to the Rainbow Snippets meme comes from Mi Alma, a short romance about a Dominican bartender who falls for an ex-Mormon patron. It was published by Torquere Press: Damian picked up his phone and dialed the number. “Hello, this is Alma Larsen,” a voice said on the other end of the line. Damian startled. The voice was deep, and not a womanly deep. Not Nina Simone or a grandma who’d smoked three packs a day her entire life. It was Barry White deep, the kind of voice...

Rainbow Snippet: Six Sentences from “Mi Alma”

With the summer solstice almost upon us, I thought I’d post something set during the other solstice for my contribution to the Rainbow Snippets meme this week. This passage comes from Mi Alma, a short romance about a Dominican bartender who falls for an ex-Mormon patron. It was published by Torquere Press. I counted out my six sentences grammatically (by what contains a subject and predicate), rather than by punctuation (by what ends in a period, question mark, or exclamation mark). I hope you enjoy them! “So you came back from...

New Anthology: Mad About the Boys

My third release this past week is in Mad About the Boys, an m/m erotic romance anthology from House of Erotica. My piece is called “Missionary Disposition.” Summary: Two young men bound for Mormon missions decide to have one final hurrah before turning their lives over to the control of their church for two years. They meet up in the U.S. state of Colorado for ten days of camping and sex, then head to opposite sides of the world. But the enforced chastity of their missions can’t make them forget their...

New Release: Mix ‘n’ Match

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to stop writing about gay Mormons anytime soon? I didn’t lie. In one week, on March 24, my next gay Mormony story comes out from Waywark Ink Publishing as part of its Mix ’n’ Match anthology: The heart wants what the heart wants. Race… Culture… Creed… Become little more than words in the dictionary when the heart sets its sights on its desire. Join nine authors as they explore interracial themes ranging from the challenges of loving someone from another culture to fighting for...

Love Bytes gives “All Is Well” 5 stars

"My only daughter had converted to Mormon a few years ago and recently married her sweetheart, a recently returned Mormon Missionary. Both of them were virgins and I was worried how this would be written, as they have openly shared their beliefs. I want to say, straight up, that this short story was done in very good taste. I believe the author either has lived the Mormon faith or has researched it extremely well. I didn’t find one thing that I could find contradictory. I also believe, whole heartily, that...

Review: “All Is Well” by Dale Cameron Lowry – Alysia Constantine

“All Is Well” is about a young Mormon missionary man who gets paired with another Mormon missionary man during their service and, well, all could be well if things didn’t get in the way of them being in love, but they do. One of the men is a brilliant cook and a somewhat seasoned (pardon the pun) missionary; the other is newer in the game and just beginning to confront his attractions to other men. Aside from the forbidden aspect of two men loving each other, there’s the general prohibition...

New Release: Simmer

My first release with Dreamspinner Press is now available for pre-order as part of its Simmer anthology. This will be my first published sweet romance (read: no explicit sex scenes, although there is frank sexuality). Here’s the summary: When Kyle Pratt cooks a feast for his fellow Mormon missionaries near Lake Migisiwauk in the Upper Midwest, nineteen-year-old Tanner Jensen falls in love at first taste. But the church teaches romantic love between men is wrong, and Tanner knows the only way to get to the highest level of heaven is by...

Teaser: Mi Alma

Ex-Mormon Alma Larsen doesn’t know the first thing about alcohol, so he hires bartender Damian Banks to help with his winter holiday party. They build a friendship that simmers with sexual tension—and possibly something much deeper. Will this Christmas bring them both a love that lasts? A  little teaser for “Mi Alma,” coming from Torquere Press on December 9. Contact me if you’d like to review.   Photo by Alexey Kljatov. Used under a Creative Commons License. Update 3/17/2017: This edition is no longer available, but you can find "Mi...

Book Review: The 19th Wife

I spent the last few days listening to The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff. It has an interesting framework, going back and forth between the fictionalized autobiography of Ann Eliza Young, one of the plural wives of the late Mormon prophet Brigham Young and author of the 1876 memoir Wife No. 19, and a murder mystery in a modern polygamist community, where the 19th wife of a polygamous man has been jailed for his murder.

Jordan, gay son of the accused wife no. 19, was thrown out of the community as a young adolescent for holding hands with his step-sister. (Boys in dysfunctional polygamist communities frequently get kicked out for petty reasons in order to keep the ratio of adult men to adult women low, enabling any remaining adult men to have more wives. You can learn more about this downside of dysfunctional Mormon fundamentalist polygamy in the ‘Lost Boys’ episodes of Mormon Stories.) His mother woke him up in the middle of the night, drove with him out of the community, and dropped him alongside a highway. He survives on hustling and carpentry and remains estranged from her for years, until she’s accused of his father’s murder. While trying to get his mother exonerated, he accidentally rescues another Lost Boy and falls in love with a young man who was raised in the mainstream LDS church. I didn’t come to this book expecting a gay romance, but once I knew it was there, I desperately wished it was longer.

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