Piracy Alert: Seller Stealing Books on KissLibrary.com

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Update on September 28, 2017: Several users have reported being unable to access KissLibrary.com over the past couple days. Some users report getting error messages that indicate a server overload, while others enter the url and get a black white page. One user reported landing on a page indicating that the site was for sale. Still others get through to the KissLibrary.com website and say that it looks the same as it did two days ago, but with fewer pirated titles.

Most disturbingly, one user reported that when she went to http://kisslibrary.com using the Firefox browser, she got a pop-up with a message requesting her permission to download a file. She shut down the browser, but the pop-up returned when she started Firefox up again. Because of this report, I’ve removed the hyperlinks to KissLibrary.com from this article.

For now, I would advise NOT going to the KissLibrary website to check if it has your titles.  If this advice changes, I’ll post another update. And now on to the original article from September 26:

Anna Sky, my publisher at Sexy Little Pages, notified me this morning that some of my ebooks were being sold without my authorization at on Belarus-based KissLibrary.com. The site was designed as a place to publish and sell books on academic and specialized topics, but one or more of its users have violated the terms of service by uploading pirated e-books. They’ve uploaded tons of romance and erotic titles to which they don’t have the rights.

In a Facebook post, author Charlotte Howard reported that she contacted the site’s customer service, and they were helpful in getting books removed. They seem to have been proactive after learning about the issue, because by the time I went searching for the books my publisher had notified me about, they were no longer there either.

Still, it’s worth your time to check the site for pirated material, since this is one instance where the site owner will actually remove infringing content. You can do that by going to KissLibrary.com and entering your author name or book title(s) into the search bar at the top of the page:

If you find something, contact them through their online takedown form at https://kisslibrary.com/dmca, the chat function at the bottom of each page, the US phone number +1-213-394-9806, or contact@kisslibrary.com.

Please note that KissLibrary has had issues with its server getting overloaded today, so some authors have not been able to access the website. If you have this issue, make sure you’re using https://kisslibrary.com and not http://www.kisslibrary.com. If you still can’t get through, try again in a few minutes. 


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