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OJ He Say! gives Sexy to Go Gay Romance 5 stars

What a lovely surprise to check into Twitter today and find myself tagged in a link to this 5-star review for Sexy to Go Gay Romance. "These nine romance stories were a joy to read. Each one had a particular flavor and experience, and really no matter what you’re into, you’ll find it here."

Guest Author: Proceeds from Jo Tannah’s The Way You Look Tonight help gay Chechens

I was thrilled when Jo Tannah told me last month that she wanted to participate in Books Save Lives with two titles — including one that she'd previously published with Wayward Ink, The Way You Look Tonight. Books Save Lives is a project of Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens that raises funds for the Russian LGBT Network and other charities helping gay men escape Chechnya, where police are currently conducting a campaign of terror against anyone they suspect of being gay. Here's an interview I did with Jo last February when The Way You Look Tonight first came out.

Chechnya: Part of ‘a global fight for our rights as queer people’

Lately, one of my favorite times of day is checking out all the blogs that are talking about ways to save the lives of LGBT Chechens. Back before the internet, few of us would have known about what's going on in Chechnya, and fewer of us would have been in a position to help. But that's all changed. We may not be able to change government policies or social prejudices in one fell swoop, but we can provide real, tangible assistance to many of the men who've been swept up in Chechnya's anti-gay purge — men who would have had no place to turn only a few years ago. Here are a few excerpts from the blogs I visited this morning.

Guest Author: Sam Thorne, Language Architect

If you've perused my blog or social media accounts, you already know that I adore Sam Thorne. We both recently had stories in the multi-author anthology Sexy to Go Gay Romance. Her contribution, "Rebuilding the Future," was filled with the things I've come to love about her stories: well-intentioned but socially awkward heroes, deep characterization, and a knack for bringing out the humor of everyday situations. Oh, and adorably besotted protagonists. When Sam's characters fall in love, they fall hard — just like in real life.

Book Review: Falling for a Pirate by Meredith Bond | Proceeds help gay Chechens

"How can I be more kind?" It's a question at the heart of the poetry of Hafez, a Sufi mystic often quoted by pirate captain Salim al-Mandri, the beloved in this time-travel romance. And it becomes a crucial question for our hero Dylan, who's not sure how to square his affection for Salim with his revulsion for violence. Falling for a Pirate by Meredith Bond is an adventurous romance with a philosophical soul.

Rainbow Snippet from “Far From Home,” an erotic sci-fi story

My contribution this week to the is from Far From Home, my erotic science-fiction short about husbands on different planets. Rajiv and Mateo met while working as part of a scientific team adapting Mars for human habitation. But now work has brought Rajiv back to Earth, where he's restoring the wastelands of the formerly fertile U.S. Midwest. and they rely on technology and the help of their imaginations to stay emotionally and sexually close during the separation. I hope you enjoy this snippet!

Book Review: Serpent’s Kiss by Layla Dorine

Serpent's Kiss by Layla Dorine is a wild ride full of mystery, intrigue, and suspense in a society that's been driven underground. Readers who enjoy fantasy filled with political machinations, assassination plots, and outsider heroes will be drawn in by this novel. Of course, there's romance too and a bit of steam — though the leads are surprisingly chaste for how much they want to tear each other's clothes off.
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